UPDATED! UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Draws RE-DONE | SEE FULL FIXTURES

Following the technical issues during the UEFA Champions League round of 16 draws made earlier today which had them redone everything, MySportPlug reporting.

The draws were made earlier which saw some dramatic outcome of Manchester United drawn to play against Paris Saint Germain which many claimed wasn’t good enough they put those two together.

After hours of debate, the UEFA board had to come out and confirm the draws will be redone once again which we have now seen another one take place and it’s a different outcome entirely.

Uefa Champions League

Champions Chelsea was set to play against Lille which the second outcome came out with a tie against Ajax who won their group without losing any game, unlike the Blues who lost one and drew another to end up second.

This was how the FIRST ROUND OF 16 DRAWS happened which led to outrage coming from clubs who saw their team being misplaced during the seeding that their side was placed in the same spot as people they already played in group stages.


Benfica v Real Madrid

Villarreal vs Manchester City

Atlético Madrid vs Bayern Munich

RB Salzburg vs Liverpool

Inter Milan Vs Ajax

Sporting Lisbon vs Juventus

Chelsea vs Lille

Paris Saint Germain Vs Manchester United

This was the first draw that was made earlier today which UEFA had to cancel due to an error as some clubs who qualified from the same group were seeded in the same plot instead of another.

A decision was reached immediately after clubs reached out to the board stating their complaints and letting it known that was an error with everything done which they had to redo.


Salzburg Vs Bayern Munich

Sporting Lisbon Vs Manchester City

Benfica Vs Ajax

Chelsea Vs Lille

Inter Milan Vs Liverpool

Paris Saint Germain Vs Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid Vs Manchester United

Villarreal Vs Juventus

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