Thomas Tuchel BLAST Premier League Board For Chelsea Woes (Full Details)

Chelsea have been struggling recently in the which has seen them drop from number one to 3rd position in the Premier League table, MySportPlug reporting.

Thomas Tuchel was not happy after their recent match once again which saw them being forced to play despite knowing key of their players are ruled out due to coronavirus outbreak.

The German saw his side going into games while other have their matches postponed for them after making complain with them having so many players out with the virus.

The Blues previews game against Everton was also another match which could have been stopped by the English Premier League, but instead it was allowed to go as scheduled.

Their match yesterday against Wolverhampton Wanderers was the breaking point which Chelsea only had 19 players available with most part of their squad down with covid-19 and others due to injury crisis.

The game went on despite the weather also being another issue, at the end it was a goalless draw which saw them move further away from Premier League glory which now sees them trail 6 points behind leaders Manchester City.


“We thought we had a strong case regarding the security and health of players, we have seven positive cases, we were made to be in the bus and travel together for three hours, were in a meeting together, in dinner and lunch and the situation does not feel like it will stop.

“We applied to not play and put the situation under control and it was rejected. It is very hard to understand it, we are concerned about the health of the players. We end up with players who play coming from injuries and we take the risk.

“I am worried from a medical point of view, we have had four days of consecutive tests. How will it stop if we are in a bus together and in meetings? We are disappointed, we are a bit angry.”

The manager wasn’t satisfied that the English Premier League had to reject their appeal to stop the match from going on after more players tested positive which led to them drawing the match.


“I gave my opinion, the club gave its opinion, we talk a lot about safety and protecting the players, not so sure we did this today. On we go.

“If we have tomorrow and the next test and the next positive I would like to speak to the Premier League about what they expect. If they make us play against Brentford shall we not arrive or not train? What should we do?

“Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. We had an opinion and the Premier League had an opinion. We agree to disagree.”

Chelsea still have another game in hand which will be the Carabao Cup encounter against Brentford which won’t be called off as they will be forced to also partake in that match or face punishment of crashing out automatically.

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