Mason Greenwood Football Career Face Possible Exile Over Abuse | DETAILS AND VIDEO

Mason Greenwood football career has taken another hit after the player was accused of beating up his girlfriend, MySportPlug reporting.

Manchester United youngster’s girlfriend shared horrific photographs and videos of injuries on her body on Instagram following a misunderstanding between her and the player who is his boyfriend.

Lady named Harriet Robson posted some shocking images on the Instagram page showing cuts and bruises all over her body and accused the Manchester United star Mason Greenwood of afflicting her during an altercation.

Mason Greenwood football career might take another big blow following this latest scandal surrendering him knowing how he has been making headlines for previous offenses which saw him being axed from the National team some time ago.

In some photos uploaded by the player girlfriend, she showed a huge gash of blood on her top lip and down her face and chin which was still rushing out during the time of her showing it all on her social media page.

This won’t be the first time the player has been on headlines for bad behavior as he was seen on time with other players parting with underage girls leading to all of them being axed from England camp, and now he has landed into another problem.

Mason Greenwood football career has been a debate due to how he has been recklessly handling his private life, and Manchester United is yet to interfere with the matter which is currently still under investigation by the police.

The beautiful young model also shared a voice note of her arguing with an unknown man threatening to beat her up, investigations are ongoing with Manchester police already alerted of the matter on the ground which isn’t looking good.

Mason Greenwood football career girlfriend abuse

Mason Greenwood football career could face an exile if he is being found guilty of all accusations which could involve jail time which won’t be good for such a player of his talent, and it would be a big loss for the Red Devils.

Here Is What His Girlfriend Said:

“To everyone, this is what Mason Greenwood does to me.’

Watch Full Video Below:

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