Liverpool 2 – 0 Southampton (Premier League) 2020/2021

Liverpool played out a 2-0 win against Southampton as Sadio Mane and Thiago Alcantara both scored in the Premier League encounter, MySportPlug reports.

First Half Report Liverpool 1-0 Southampton

Both teams created a fair amount of opportunities which wasn’t that bad for the first half of the encounter as the Reds managed to pull one past their opponent.

Southampton put out a solid wall at the front of the goalkeeper which saw them defend perfectly ensuring nothing was going beyond the backline as the game progressed.

Liverpool pressed so much until Sadio Mane scale through and gave them the much needed 1-0 lead in the 31st minutes with the assistance coming from Mohamed Salah.

The first half progressed without any more to talk about except some clinical opportunities which could have been easily converted from the two teams who failed to make it count.

The referee called the first half of the encounter to a close as it ended with Liverpool 1-0 Southampton, which saw them go for the break with the Reds taking the lead.

Second Half Report Liverpool 0-0 Southampton

More coming from both teams as the second half kicked off with a high pace which saw the Reds continued with their dominance which lasted all through the 45 minutes.

Liverpool ensured they continued to pressure their opponent and hoping they could increased their lead which failed to happen as they couldn’t finish off well.

Southampton were good in dealing with every attacks thrown at them while they also managed to cause some troubles for Jurgen Klopp’s side who were good.

The game opened up a little as it progressed to the last few minutes of regular time which saw Thiago Alcantara increasing the lead to 2-0 after scoring an amazing in the 90th minute of the match.

The encounter came to a close as Liverpool claimed a huge 2-0 victory against Southampton as the home side continues to push for a top four finish before the season ends.

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