Hakim Ziyech Vs Crystal Palace Performance And GOALS! | HIGHLIGHTS

Hakim Ziyech Vs Crystal Palace was the highlight of the encounter which saw Chelsea claiming a narrow 0-1 win away from home, MySportPlug reporting.

The Morocco International gave a match-winning performance once again like he has been doing so far this season which is already looking good for him and the club who have had the winger to thank in a couple of their games which is brilliance has seen them coming out of them victorious.

Crystal Palace Vs Chelsea Highlights


The encounter started brilliantly as both teams had it going amazing between them as some early opportunities were created with urgency and pace coming through seeing Chelsea opening up as the better amongst the two teams on the pitch playing the clash which was also a London Derby.

Hakim Ziyech Vs Crystal Palace, his performance was beyond incredible as he was instrumental in causing so much havoc for their opponent who made sure they find every way possible to close him down before he could break them down and find a way in making something happen as they carried on going forward.

Antonio Rudiger had an opportunity which could gave given Chelsea the lead but it wasn’t looking like happening for them that moment as the goalkeeper was able to pull off an incredible save from the long-range strike coming from the German defender who perfects struck the ball with so much power in him which failed to hit back of the net.

It was all about Hakim Ziyech Vs Crystal Palace going up and down as the Moroccan who causing so much in the wing which saw him breaking down defenders to make some amazing crosses from the wings and corners which couldn’t be utilized by his teammates as the encounter was looking poor for the Blues who were dominating the pitch.

The first half of the clash between Crystal Palace Vs Chelsea came to an end with nothing to separate them after 45 minutes of football played with both of the clubs unable to make something happen with Wilfred Zaha going to closest to scoring but his finishing wasn’t good enough to hit the back of the net.

It was more of Hakim Ziyech Vs Crystal Palace in the second half which kicked off with him picking up from where he left in the first 45 minutes which was causing so much trouble down the wings as all his delivery was perfectly aimed well but no one to connect and make it count as it carried on.

So much more coming from Chelsea who had more of the opportunities, but making it count as their biggest problem as Romelu Lukaku was on lockdown by the home side who ensured they did everything possible in making sure the Belgian had no breathing space moving so much at the front despite his presence everywhere.

More missed opportunities and good defending by the Champions of the World who made sure Edouard Mendy was well covered from being tested by their opponent who made chances but as soon as they got inside the box, yellow shirts were already all over them with frustration already seen as Thomas Tuchel made three changes.

Immediately an attack from the Blues saw Romelu Lukaku taking on two defenders who were over him until he managed a strike which was well saved by Butland but Hakim Ziyech was there to finish off which was so unfortunate that VAR had to call it back for review before it was canceled for offside leading to the finish which could have made it 0-1.

All things good Hakim Ziyech Vs Crystal Palace saw the player still doing the needful until along the 80th-minute counting saw Marcos Alonso orchestrated an incredible cross meeting the left-footed winger inside the box close to the goalkeeper which saw him wickedly smashing it inside the net to make it 0-1 for the Champions of Europe.

That goal was the last action of the game which saw Chelsea taking all three points from a narrow 0-1 victory away from home against a strong Crystal Palace side who did everything possible to see the encounter favoring them, unfortunately, it wasn’t so as their best opportunity was misused by Wilfred Zaha in the first half.



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