GOAAAL! Jorginho Score, Chelsea 1-1 Man United | WATCH GOAL!

What a stunned from Jorginho as Chelsea pulled back level 1-1 after Thiago Silva was fouled inside the box which the Italian smashed one beating the goalkeeper.

Goaaal! Manchester United takes the lead against Chelsea thanks to an amazing finish from Jadon Sancho who makes the scoreline 0-1 for the visiting side who finished off neatly.

What an outstanding goal we just saw from the player who has ensured his contribution finally paying off for his side after the finish coming from him.

We are in for another one here in this encounter between Chelsea Vs Manchester United which is looking good around with the goal scored telling a lot of how the preparation has been.

Good goal and there is so much more we expect to happen as the encounter is still going on with more opportunities being created from both ends which could mean something good loading.

It has been a good game so far for the player before making sure his name enters the scoresheet which is currently giving his side the chance of getting more with things still ongoing between them here today.

You can join us via the comment section and tell us what you think about this outstanding goal scored by the player in the encounter currently going on between Chelsea Vs Manchester United.

So much more you can talk about from the buildup leading to when the goal was scored as it wasn’t an easy one against a side that is known for getting the job done regardless of how things looked.

We expect more goals to come in this match or maybe this might be the end of how things will end up going down despite the time we have left which is not too short to make something happen in the game of football.

Chelsea Vs Manchester United have proved to be a good game so far with so many talking points leading to kickoff and now the goal which was scored by the team who has been the best between both on the pitch.

Should this player get another one or other teammate to make it count, it would be a really bad one for their opponent who will have to fight back to score and level things up and the opportunities are still coming.


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