FT: Watford 1-2 Chelsea (Premier League) 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

Mason Mount scored and made an assist as Chelsea beat Watford away from home 1-2 in a game which was hard for them to operate as they usually did in all their games, MySportPlug reporting.

Hakim Ziyech also came off the bench to score a goal in the second half of the encounter which was so much troubles for Thomas Tuchel and his players who had to do everything possible after 90 minutes.

It wasn’t that easy as everyone predicted an easy win which at the end they got it but it wasn’t easy with the game coming to a halt early after kickoff due to issues concerning a fan who was attended to during the encounter.


The first half of the encounter was entertaining from both ends who were able to get past each others goalkeeper as one goal was scored each under 45 minutes played.

Watford started the match as the better between both teams with them pressing while the visiting side chased the game looking to balance things as the pressure was all on them.

The game came to a halt in the 13th minute after a fan collapsed which saw the medical team attending to the person as the game was suspended for a short period of time before it resumed back action.

Chelsea scored the lead in the 29th minute of the first half after an amazing teamwork effort saw Kai Havertz providing the assist which saw Mason Mount finishing off to make it 0-1.

It was looking all good for the Blues who carried on until the 43rd minute which saw Emmanuel Dennis pulling back level 1-1 for the Hornets after a touch saw the Nigerian making it count.

That’s how things played out until the referee ended the first half with Watford holding Chelsea to a 1-1 draw after an outstanding 45 minutes of football coming from both teams.

Good start in the second half saw some early opportunities coming through from the two teams who looked lively and hungry to take the lead as things progressed further for them.

Chelsea struggles were clearly seen as the match was looking like another bad one for them against a side who they could have easily dominated without much stress, but things looked different.

Watford Chelsea

Hakim Ziyech came off the bench to give the Blues the lead 1-2 in the 73rd minute of the second half which saw Mason Mount providing the assistance which led to the Moroccan making it count.

The match progressed further with so much opportunities until it came to an end with Chelsea taking a 1-2 win against Watford to get three points as their place on top the Premier League table remained intact.


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