FT: Clippers Vs LA Lakers (111-110) NBA 2021 | HIGHLIGHTS

An amazing 111-110 victory for the home side as two neighbors Clippers Vs LA Lakers clashed regular NBA 2021 season, MySportPlug reporting.


It wasn’t that bad in the first quarter which saw both teams giving a good account of themselves as they had so much to do in making sure they took the lead early and hope you finish things off going forward.

Clippers Vs LA Lakers

Clippers had things working out in their favor as they ensured they kept it calm against their opponent who did everything possible in making sure they gave them a good fight that lasted all through the quarter.

LA Lakers did their best but they couldn’t manage to hold things off as they lost 28-26 in the first quarter which saw the home side getting the job done as it progressed further between them both.

They came in the second looking hot with 3 pointers hitting back and forth as the game became more interesting but still it was all about the home side getting the job done.

Things finished in the second quarter with Clippers beating LA Lakers 31-28 which was also another close one as it wasn’t looking good for the visiting side who had more of the working to do knowing how far behind they were.

More coming in the 3rd quarter as the started off good with both teams still looking sharp as key players from both sides took the game on their shoulder.

Things carried on and ended with Clippers 35-28 LA Lakers once again condemning the away side further behind as they were doing enough to keep the game close as it was expected of them.

It was looking good in the final quarter of the match that saw the visitors coming into the encounter looking sharp with their shootings as it opened up more for them as they push with urgency.

The scoreline for 4th quarter was 17-28 but it ended with Clippers Vs LA Lakers 111-110 as the home side made sure they inflict a defeat to their neighbors who gave them a good fight for their money.


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