FT: Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea (Women FA Cup) 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

Guro Reiten scored a brace as Chelsea Women beat Aston Villa 1-3 in the Vitality FA Cup encounter, MySportPlug reporting.

It wasn’t an easy game for the Blues who had to make sure they put in so much effort in an encounter that saw them making good use of their opportunities going forward which resulted in them ensuring that the goals came in multiple for them after 90 minutes.

Pernille Harder also had her name on the scorer’s board as they made sure they held nothing back in the fourth round of the Vitality FA Cup game which they claimed victory and progressed into the next round successfully waiting for their next opponent.

Aston Villa Women Chelsea Women


Both teams started the first half with so much pace going forward as they search for the opening goal which saw opportunities being created but none of them could go past the defenders or goalkeeper who made sure of that.

It was looking good for Aston Villa Women until Guro Reiten scored the opening goal in the 17th minute after an amazing teamwork effort saw the forward making good use of the opportunity to make the scoreline 0-1 for the Blues.

Chelsea continued with their non-stop dominance pushing forward as things progressed further which saw Pernille Harder converting from the penalty spot to make it 0-2 in the 27th minute after Guro Reiten was brought down by the Villa’s which a foul was awarded immediately.

Nothing changed as the first half ended with Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea Women as they both went inside for the break with all the advantage to the visitors who were unstoppable going forward and attacking against their opponent.

A good start in the second half saw the home side switching things up against their opponent who had so much pressure on them and the scoreline also showing so many differences between them as it continued in the other 45 minutes left.

The game was still going in the same direction as it was in the first half which saw the visiting side doing more of the dominance and attacking which created so many problems for Aston Villa women to keep up with as pushed on further.

Guro Reiten scored her brace in the 62nd minute of the encounter which came after Fran Kirby squared the ball to the Norwegian who rifles it past goalkeeper Hampton to make the scoreline 0-3 for the away side as the game carried on going forward.

More opportunities were created as Lauren James was introduced into the match which also saw some other youngsters making their way into the pitch for the remaining minutes left to be played by both teams the scoreline was already good enough to finish the way it was.

A stunning from the spot in the 90th minute plus additional time which gave the home side a consolation after a good buildup saw them creating something and scored to make the scoreline 1-3 as they approached a few seconds left to be played.

The match ended with Aston Villa Women crashing out of the Vitality FA Cup fourth round as Chelsea advanced with a result 1-3 pushing Emma Hayes’s side into the next round once again for another season which they have been doing for a long time till date.


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