FT: Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea (Women FA Cup FINAL) 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

One from Fran Kirby and Samantha Kerr brace saw Chelsea lifted the Women FA Cup final after beating Arsenal 0-3 in the Final match at Wembley Stadium, MySportPlug reports.

The game wasn’t that easy for Emma Hayes’s side despite them taking an early lead which was the stepping stone for them in demolishing their fellow London neighbor in the Women FA Cup final.

It was a beautiful game coming from the Blues who showed why their dominance in English football is no joke by making sure their goals do the talking which was all superb coming from them.

Arsenal Chelsea Women FA Cup Final


The Women FA Cup final kickoff with so much expectations from both ends as they did managed to make things happen under few seconds of play which was all about the Blue side of London.

It took Chelsea just 3 minutes to crack down on their opponent which saw Fran Kirby set the ball rolling hot inside the net of the Gunners to make the scoreline 0-1 as it carried on forward.

Arsenal soon gained balance in the game as they created some few opportunities which didn’t end up in the net as their opponent were more brilliant in their defending which was good for them as things carried on.

Nothing happened in the first half as it came to an end with Chelsea taking a 0-1 advantage against Arsenal into the break after an amazing 45 minutes of football coming from both women teams.

The second half was more entertaining with the goals multiplying for the Blues who made sure their talking was done on the pitch which saw them pushing their opponent around like nothing.

Chelsea increased their lead in the 56th minute of the second half as Samantha Kerr got her name on the scoresheet from an outstanding goal which made the scoreline 0-2 for the Champions of England.

It was looking already lost for Arsenal who couldn’t find a way past their opponent who already had two going past them without an answer as the second half progresses.

Samantha Kerr made it her brace in the 78th minute of the game as she brilliantly chipped the ball beating Zinsberger to make the scoreline 0-3 which was courtesy of a good teamwork effort before the goal.

That was the last action as the match came to an end with Chelsea lifting the Women FA Cup title after an incredible 0-3 victory against Arsenal after 90 minutes of football played at Wembley Stadium.



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