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Connor Gallagher Vs Watford makes a return after the Chelsea clash by helping Crystal Palace destroy the Hornets 4-1 with one goal and assist, MySportPlug reporting.

Another eccentric performance from the youngster once again seeing him dominating the midfield with so much swag assisting and also ensuring his name got into the scorer’s board in 90 minutes of power-packed football from the man on loan from Stamford Bridge.


Connor Gallagher Vs Watford was the star performer of the match which he dominated the entire pitch delivering so much quality as the first half started with Crystal Palace pushing to get the opening goal which didn’t happen immediately for them despite coming close.

The Hornets held on fine in the early minutes which saw them soaking all the pressure as much as possible they could while they tried everything in their power to command a lead that wasn’t looking to happen for them with so much going down in the defense to push forward searching for a goal.

Connor Gallagher Vs Watford’s first brilliance of the match came in the 15th minute of the encounter as he orchestrated a delivery to Jean-Philippe Mateta who wasted no time in ensuring his finish was nothing less of perfection giving them the much-deserved lead 0-1 as things carried on going forward.

Defending for the visitors was very poor as they wasted no time in conceding a goal which saw things tied on 1-1 thanks to Moussa Sissoko 18th minute stunner pegging the encounter back to how it was before the finish from the Palace side which was later turned back to all squared as it progressed.

Conor Gallagher Vs Watford, the on-loan man from Chelsea continued with his brilliant performance for the night until the 42nd minute which saw him converting to get his name on the scorer’s board after teaming up with Trick Mitchell to make the scoreline 1-2 in favor of his side who carried on well.

The 45 minutes of the encounter came to a close leaving Crystal Palace to head inside for the break with all the advantages to themselves against Watford who were honestly no match for them and what they had to offer in the first half of the match which was perfection.

The second half kicked off with amazing displaying coming from both clubs who did well enough to keep each other from scoring at the early minutes of the 2nd part of the clash which was looking evenly balanced between them as it carried on going forward.

Connor Gallagher Vs Watford, the player had more work to do on the pitch as his side needed to ensure they grabbed another goal which will mean them going further with the advantage against their opponent who had more going as their defense was better than the first half was.

The game continued with Crystal Palace dominating things going forward until Wilfred Zaha added another one in the 85th minute of the encounter after an amazing good teamwork effort saw Jordan Ayew setting up the Ivory Coast International who made it count as the scoreline turned 1-3 for the away side.

Connor Gallagher Vs Watford

More opportunities and another goal from Wilfred Zaha in the 90th minute which was from a clever finish for the striker who made it his brace and 1-4 as things carried on with nothing left to be done by the home side who were beaten perfectly condemning them to another defeat once again in the Premier League.

Connor Gallagher Vs Watford was the star headline after 90 minutes of the encounter which saw the on-loan Chelsea midfielder making an assist and scoring one amongst all the goals which saw the match ending with Crystal Palace winning 1-4 to claim all three points and boost their chances on the English Premier League table.


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