Chelsea Vs West Ham Women FT! | HIGHLIGHTS

Chelsea Vs West Ham Women Live coverage going down at the Kingsmeadow Stadium in the Women’s Super League.

A tough one we have here today between both teams who have been fair enough this season regardless of where they currently sit on the League table which isn’t a bad one as the campaign still has a long way to go before it comes to an end.

Chelsea Vs West Ham Women Live, both teams will be playing against each other in an encounter which was postponed to today, and it is expected to be a big one between the two London clubs who are coming with one thing in mind which is three points with nothing less.

Emma Hayes and her players have been going through a run of poor form which saw them crash out of the Women’s UEFA Champions League despite starting on a good note only to lose disastrously to Wolfsburg away from home that sent them packing after making the final last season.

The visitors are not a bad side themselves this season which they have been impressive over their 11 games played heading into this one which will make it their 12th, and it has been a good campaign with them currently far away from the relegation drop coming into this encounter with the Champions.


Ann-Katrin Berger (Goalkeeper); Niamh Charles, Millie Bright, Aniek Nouwen (Defenders); Erin Cuthbert, Jonna Andersson, Sophie Ingle, Guro Reiten (Midfielders); Jessie Fleming, Pernille Harder, Fran Kirby (Strikers).


Anna Leat (Goalkeeper); Hawa Cissoko, Grace Fisk, Lucy Parker (Defenders); Kate Longhurst, Katerina Svitkova, Emma Stroem Snerle, Melisa Filis, Zaneta Wyne (Midfielders); Lisa Evans, Claudia Walker (Strikers).

A good starting lineup coming from both teams who are hoping for something good here today with the Blues desperate to get a result after their poor performance against Brighton And Hove Albion which was a goalless draw away from their homegrown during the weekend.

Chelsea Vs West Ham Women Live is expected to be filled with goals as the last time they played against each other it ended with the Blues beating the Hammers 0-2 which wasn’t an easy one as the result looked that saw both teams giving a good account of themselves that day after 90 minutes of football played.

West Ham United Women are coming off from an incredible 3-0 win against a very good side Everton who were on that day beaten by the Hammers who made sure their plan for that encounter worked out the way it was expected to go with them making sure they got all three points in the bag.

Chelsea Women played an embarrassing goalless draw against Brighton And Hove Albion who made things difficult all through as Samantha Kerr and Ji were absent representing Australia and Korea as their club struggled so much without both of them playing on that day in the Super League after 90 minutes.

So much is expected to go down at the Kingsmeadow Stadium between both Women teams which goals should be coming anytime soon as we approach kickoff between them here tonight with everything at stake for Emma Hayes who need to bounce back from their disappointing run after saying goodbyes to Karl Telford who left them.

Chelsea Vs West Ham Women Live

Don’t forget to join the conversation via our comment section below the post telling us how you see this one ending after 90 minutes and what are your predictions with so much going down in the early stages of the London derby already building up to be an epic one to be seen from both clubs.

To watch Chelsea Vs West Ham Women Live kindly locate “STREAM MATCH HERE” which will direct you to the encounter going down as you need to wait for some seconds for it to load, and so much is expected to happen after the end of 90 minutes played which could be a good one or a draw for them both.


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