FT: Chelsea 1-0 Man City (Women Super League) 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

Guro Reiten scored the only goal as Chelsea Women claimed a narrow 1-0 victory against Man City in the Women’s Super League, MySportPlug Reporting.

Sam Kerr didn’t look much of a threat as she couldn’t find much room to operate with the game being her first start since returning from international duty for the Australian women’s team in their Asia Cup which they crashed out early.

The encounter wasn’t an easy one for both teams who gave it all their best despite how the result looks like after 90 minutes played with good football coming from the best sides in Barclays Women Super League in England.


It was the Champions of the League who had a good start to the first half of the encounter which saw them doing more of the pressing than their opponent who had so much work to do defending so hard not to go down very early.

The first 10 minutes of the encounter was solid coming from Man City Women who kept it clean at the back as they also had some good runs pushing forward but not enough to trouble their opponent who were also solid with their defending as things carried on.

Chelsea Women took the lead in the 13th minute of the first half when Guro Reiten scored an outstanding header after Jessica Carter whips a ball into the danger area for the attacking midfielder to direct beyond Roebuck for a 1-0 advantage to the home side.

The game carried on further with so many talking points as both teams had so much to do going forward and defending with more opportunities being recorded, but a solid display from defenders including the goalkeepers made sure nothing changed.

They ended the first 45 minutes of the game with Chelsea taking a 1-0 advantage into the break as they came in for the second half looking sharp against their opponent who also showed a much quality in their play that was filled with pace better than they were earlier.

It was still looking good for Chelsea Women who continued with their advantage intact despite the pressure they face from the visitors who were eager to make a comeback, but it wasn’t happening for them with solid defenders all over the place.

Man City Women could have made it count, but Anna-Katrin Berger was too good to allow anything past her as she put up an incredible save keeping the scoreline 1-0 as they continued and approached the remaining 20 minutes left to be played in the encounter.

Chelsea Vs Man City Women

More changes were done as they were nearing the end of the encounter which saw Fran Kirby and Lauren James coming on while Samantha Kerr was removed from the match as all through she wasn’t herself with things spinning out of her control after coming from international duties.

The match ended with Chelsea Women claiming all three points against Man City from a final result of 1-0 which could have gone another way after 90 minutes as the Blues fight to overtake Arsenal on top of the League continues with two points separating them now.



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