Barcelona Fails To Go Top After 3-3 Draw With Levante | HIGHLIGHTS

Lionel Messi scored as Barcelona played a 3-3 draw against Levante as Pedri and Dembele also scored in a game which saw them moving top of the League table, MySportPlug reports.

The Argentine was the man of the moment as he scored the opener which helped his side into claimed a good win and three points in the encounter tonight.

Levante had things under control in the early stages which they made sure their back was well organized while they try to hit on a counter which failed to happen for them as the game went on.

Barcelona opened the scoring in the 25th minute as Messi volley the ball past the goalkeeper to make it 1-0 for his side after a nice buildup play which saw the visitors capitalizing on the opportunity.

Pedri doubled the lead in the 34th minute after a nice teamwork effort saw Dembele helping out with the assist which leads to the goal that made it 2-0 as the visitors continued to control the encounter.

The encounter went on further with more opportunities being created and thrown away by the two teams who looked poor in front of the goal with them being less creative and eager to make something happen.

The referee signaled for the end of the first half encounter which finished with Levante 0-2 Barcelona, as they both headed for the break with an advantage over the visitors who were good enough to make good use of their chances.

The second half was more twisting in terms of goals and how it played out to the end which at one moment the home side had things under control as they bossed the game and equalized.

Levante made it 1-2 in the 57th minute of the encounter which saw Gonzalo Melero making it count when it mattered most as his side were able to get a lifeline with the match progressing.

They responded again with another goal which came in the 59th minute after a lovely piece of good football as Morales made no mistake in making sure he scored to make things level 2-2.

Barcelona wasted no much time in getting back on the lead with a 64th-minute goal from Ousmane Dembele who was at the right place at the right time to ensure the scoreline turned 2-3.

The home side once again restored things to level terms as Sergio Leon scored in the 83rd minute which saw the scoreline tied to 3-3 after another beautiful goal scored by the home team.

The encounter came to an end with Barcelona failing to get the job done against Levante who dealt a huge blow to them winning the League title after the 3-3 draw.

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