Austria 2 – 1 North Macedonia (Euros2020) 2021 | Match Report

Austria escaped scare as they rally a 3-1 victory against North Macedonia who scored their first goal in a major tournament thanks to Legendary Goran Pandev, MySportPlug reports.

First Half Report Austria 1-1 North Macedonia

A good first half encounter saw both sides hitting the back of the net as they did had a wonderful 45 minutes which saw a record being set by the away side in the match.

An 18th minutes goal from Stefan Lainer ensured Austria took the lead from a nice buildup from play which saw Marcel Sabitzer setting up the assistance to make the scoreline 1-0.

The game progressed with Goran Pandev pulling back the leveler after reacting fast to a loosed ball to give North Macedonia the equalizer 1-1 as they kept themselves back into the encounter.

First half progressed with more opportunities being created from both ends as none could alter the scoreline from how it was as they approached the last few minutes of play.

It ended with both Austria and Macedonia settling for a 1-1 draw as they both headed inside for the first half break after a good display from the two countries in the 45 minutes of play.

Second Half Report Austria 2-0 North Macedonia

The second half wasn’t a good one for the away side who couldn’t replicate their performance from the first 45 minutes which saw them doing very good defending and going forward.

North Macedonia had it going well in the early stages of the second 45 minutes which saw them doing well at the back and also tried making some good runs which resulted in nothing.

Austria took the lead in the 78th minute of the game through an outstanding goal from Gregoritsch who ensured his finish was on target to give his side a 2-1 lead after a good attack.

The game progressed into the last few minutes which Marco Arnautovic coming on from the bench to extend the lead to 3-1 for his Country from a rare finish to seal off the victory in the 90th minute.

It ended with a good victory for Austria who claimed all three points to seat top of their group table after a 3-1 result against North Macedonia in the Euros2020.

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