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The FA Cup kicks off with Aston Villa Vs Chelsea Women Live coverage coming to you between both teams going off against each other.

It will be another encounter in which Emma Hayes will be counting on her players to get the job done following their tough home win against the Hammers in the Barclays Women Super League which saw Bethany England and Erin Cuthbert score one each for the win.

Aston Villa Vs Chelsea Women, is a good game expected to go down here this afternoon which is already building up to be another tough encounter but won’t be looking to be of many problems to the Blues despite Samantha Kerr and Ji still missing out of action for now.

So much is expected to happen here this afternoon between them both as they have so much quality to offer going forward and defending against a side who has proven to be very tough for the Blues over the past few years they have played against each other in the Super League.

The results between Aston Villa Vs Chelsea Women have not been that bad over the past three encounters which the Blues made sure it was all about them but the final scoreline isn’t that big of a margin that could give this game more anticipation knowing anything can happen after 90 minutes.


Hampton, Mayling, Allen, Asante, Arthur,  Petzelberger, Scott, Hayle, LittleJohn, Pacheco, Patten.


Mosovic, Nouwen, Bright, Carter, Reiten, Kirby, Fleming, Harder, Spence, Andersson, Abdullina.

The good starting lineup from both managers who are in this for the win and nothing less seeing how they made their formation with tactics to make the game tight with the fans in for another pulsating encounter between two of the best in Women English Football.

The last encounter between Aston Villa Vs Chelsea Women ended with the Blues getting all three points and a 0-1 after 90 minutes of football in the Super League which wasn’t an easy match got the winners who managed to get an opportunity that was put to go used and separated them.

This match is shaping up to be something different with everything on the table for both managers who need to get a much-needed win to help boost their season as they have been struggling over the past few games which saw the away side crashing out of the UEFA Champions League despite reaching final last campaign.

Chelsea Women are coming off their victory against West Ham United 2-0 in their last match which wasn’t an easy one but the second half proved to be the decider as Bethany England’s introduction changed everything going forward which saw two goals being scored after 90 minutes of football played.

Aston Villa Women also had an amazing game which saw them bouncing back to a 1-2 win against Newly promoted side Leicester City who gave them a good run for their money but Alisha Lehmann was there to help her side making sure the victory was secured after 90 minutes of hostilities.

This one here is something good and we are expecting goals to come knowing Villa’s last games against sides like Manchester United and Manchester City ending up with them losing scandalously, the Blues will be banking on that to ensure they claimed a good victory which will help them so much this season.

Aston Villa Vs Chelsea Women

Join the conversation with others watch this encounter with us telling what you expect to happen after 90 minutes of football with your final predictions of how the match will end as we should be seeing goals scored by one side or both teams with so much already happening after kickoff.

To watch Aston Villa Vs Chelsea Women Live, kindly locate the “STREAM MATCH HERE” it will direct you to the encounter going down in England between bot teams playing for the FA Cup next round as a winner is expected to be seen after 90 minutes of football played here this afternoon.


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